Is Chofur the same as uber?

Chofur is not like ridesharing company’s i.e. Uber, Lyft, nor  is Chofur a taxi company.

Chofur is an private driver services that serves customer needs at a fair and competitive rate.

All Chofur drivers are trained thoroughly in street knowledge, customer service and safety. Both, the drivers and the vehicles meet all requirements of the quality labels.

Chofur does not believe the uber/lyft model will work on Curacao seeing the current legislation on the Island.

Taxis in Curaçao have fixed rates, which are stipulated by the government. These rates are based on the distance of the route, instead of the mileage. Prices are applicable for a minimum party size of 4 persons and are denominated in US Dollars, a 25% surcharge will be added to the standard tariffs for each additional personA 25 percent surcharge will be added to taxi fares if there are more than four passengers or if it is past 11:00 p.m. There can also be small fees for large or an excessive amount of luggage.